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GericomGroup takes every pride in bridging communities, individuals, Businesses and Organizations to ICT, linking farmers to potential buyers and investors all over the globe with the use of IT. Provides faster and easy running applications and web development to learning Institutions, colleges, Organizations and Businesses. We bring all our services and products right to your door steps. "With GericomGroup, you save your time and make your job easier and faster" Read more

About us

GericomGroup is a dealer in both hardware and software. GericomGroup started in 2005 as Jericom Inc, the conception and eventual creation of Jericom Inc was based on ideas of been independent and self employed. These ideas were pushed out by high rate of unemployment in Cameroon and the nature of Cameroon's economy. With Material and Moral support from Friends, Jericom Inc was created offering services like... Read more

Our Services

App, Mobile & Website Development

Our development team works with the most recent development technologies such as VB (ASP.NET), PHP, HTML,Javascript, jquery, JAVA, etc to give your website, Mobile Application, or Web Application the extra functionality and class it deserves. The team has in dept knowledge to convert your desires to an enterprise level business solution.

Sales of Computers & Peripherals

In GericomGroup, we don't only deal with software development; we sell used and new personal computers via our regional stores and Online store

Other Services

GericomGroup offers other services such as Infographics with our industrial printers(50ppm), execution of General Commerce and Contrats in any nature, ICT training, and with its rescent innovation of production and sales of compressed stabilized earth bricks, etc.

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