About us

GericomGroup started in 2005 as Jericom Inc, the conception and eventual creation of Jericom Inc was based on facts of being independent and self employed. These ideas were pushed out by high rate of unemployment in Cameroon and the nature of Cameroon's economy. With Material and Moral support from Friends, Jericom Inc was created offering services like printing, typing, computer reparis sales, training, etc. As years goes by, the vision of extending its resources to local communities came up and the change of name from Jericom Inc to GericomGroup as a registered Computer in Cameroon with offices in Bamenda(Head Office), Buea and Douala.

GericomGroup's main focal point is bridging comumunities in cameroon in particular and Africa in general to ICT. With this, ICT services (Application, Mobile and Website development, Bulk Printing, Sales and computers and peripherals, general commerce) would be provided to these communities that are in need of. Also, GericomGroup has other products in agricultural sector for the marketing of Farmer's products both home and abroad. At GericomGroup, we are integrating Agriculture with ICT.

GericomGroup offer various services to the public like Application & Web development, IT Outsourcing, Training(Google Mapping,Oracle DBA and Ms Database Admin, etc)

GericomGroup has gone green in its innovative and advanced construction using Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks(CSEB). We offer services in consulting, designing and constructing of CSEB houses and we also rent and sell Manual and Hydraulic compressed bricks machines and bricks. Contact us and place your commands. Click on the link to view some advantages of CSEB over the traditional blocks. See advantages


  • To provide better ICT services to communities(Businesses, Companies, Organisations, etc) in the environs of Cameroon
  • To work in collaboration with other national and international organisations that mainly deal with ICT, Agriculture and Education


  • Bridging communities to ICT
  • Going Green with CSEBs