Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks(CSEB) Houses

GericomGroup has gone green in its innovative and advanced construction using Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks(CSEB). We offer services in consulting, designing and constructing of CSEB houses and we also rent and sell Manual and Hydraulic compressed bricks machines and bricks. Contact us and place your commands. Below are some advantages of CSEB over the traditional blocks.

Advantages of CSEB Houses

  • A local material

    Ideally, the production is made on the site itself or in the nearby area. Thus, it will save the transportation, fuel, time and money.

  • A bio-degradable material

    Well-designed CSEB houses can withstand, with a minimum of maintenance, heavy rains, snowfall or frost without being damaged. The strength and durability has been proven since half a century.

    But let’s imagine a building fallen down and that a jungle grows on it: the bio-chemicals contained in the humus of the topsoil will destroy the soil cement mix in 10 or 20 years… And CSEB will come back to our Mother Earth!

  • Limiting deforestation

    Firewood is not needed to produce CSEB. It will save the forests, which are being depleted quickly in the world, due to short view developments and the mismanagement of resources.

  • Management of resources

    Each quarry should be planned for various utilisations: water harvesting pond, wastewater treatment, reservoirs, landscaping, etc. It is crucial to be aware of this point: very profitable if well managed, but disastrous if unplanned!

  • Energy efficiency and eco friendliness

    Requiring only a little stabilizer the energy consumption in a m3 can be from 5 to 15 times less than a m3 of fired bricks. The pollution emission will also be 2.4 to 7.8 times less than fired bricks.

  • Cost efficiency

    Produced locally, with a natural resource and semi skilled labour, almost without transport, it will be definitely cost effective! More or less according to each context and to ones knowledge!

  • An adapted material

    Being produced locally it is easily adapted to the various needs: technical, social, cultural habits.

  • A transferable technology

    It is a simple technology requiring semi skills, easy to get. Simple villagers will be able to learn how to do it in few weeks. Efficient training centre will transfer the technology in a week time.

  • A job creation opportunity

    CSEB allow unskilled and unemployed people to learn a skill, get a job and

ECO2-15 Diesel motor power block making machine technical parameters

Dimension of host machine 2950*1700*1600mm
Machine power 12PH/Diesel
Cycle 15S
Working mode Hydraulic press
Weight of the machine 350kg
Capacity 2200PCS/8hours
Executive standard GB/T8533-2008
Theoretical workshop area 200-300m2/td>
Needed workers 1-2 workers
Features Hydraulic pressure 16-20Mpa

The capacity of Our Machine

Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mold Pcs/hour Pcs/ 8 Hr
Hollow block (lego block) (300x150x100mm) 2 480 3840
“U” model block(beam block) (300x150x100mm) 2 480 3840
Interlock hollow block (300x150x100mm) 2 480 3840
Interlock hollow block(300x150x100mm) 2 480 3840