The Managing partner of GericomGroup Co. LTD, Geraud FOTSO signed a partnership between GericomGroup Co. LTD and AJID-ONG DRC represented by Mr. Ismael MUDADA MUDADA that will allow Gericomgroup to be represented in DRC by Association des Jeunes Islamiques pour le Development(AJID)-ONG offering its services especially in the agricultural and Compressed Stabilized Earth bricks sectors.

GericomGroup & AJID-ONG

    This partnership was signed on the 14th January 2021, followed by an intensive training session on brick productions, installation of the heavy duty Hydraulic electrical Brick machine. After the installation of the machine, bricks were produced in the testing and practical phase of the event. The managing partner of Gericomgroup was interviewed by NATIONAL medias RADIO TELEVISION NATIONAL CONG(ORTNC) on how this partnership will strengthen the tiles between the two structures and how this green house technology will facilitate constructions of less expensive houses. He was also welcomed by the Minister of SME and some dignitaries in DRC’s capital Kinshasa. All clients in DRC in need of brick machines would contact AJID-ONG which in turn GericomGroup will supply AJID with the machines according to partnership agreement