GericomGroup's main objective is to provide ICT services(computers, internet, training, networking, etc) to local communities in the environs of Cameroon. So we carry out ICT projects and also some agricultural projects. Below are on-going projects of GericomGroup supported by international bodies like Google, AfroICTPioneers(South Africa), etc

Some GericomGroup's Ongoing projects and Executed Projects

Ngoketunjia Google Pre University Program

This program is aimed at (1) Introducing Google Awareness Program into the existing Science/Engineering Clubs in Secondary Schools; (2) Organising Table Tennis Competition amongst selected 3 schools and (3) organising a PICNIC to Ngoketunjia Hill where Motivational, orientational and Educational talks in careering in the fields of Computer Sciences, Engineering and Google; . Students(10 -17 years) involved are all those in Secondary and Science students in High schools from all 3 sub divisions; with this program, their career focus will be change and geared toward sciences, engineering and Google and its apps will be heard and used in the communities via this program. This program will cover a 6months period; which at the end of this 6months, We must have reach to about more that 300students about Google, Computer Science and Engineering and in the next coming 6months, 450 targeted students making a summary of 750 targeted students in one year

'Fie' AgroICT Project

This project is aimed at bridging Maboh Agro Forestry Farming Group(CIG) and farmers of Bafanji(Balikumbat Sub Division, North West Region, Cameroon) community and environs to the markets(Cameroon regional International levels) through the implement of ICT services(posting of farmers' products like green pepper, water melon, maize, groundnuts, cassava, palms and plantain) on GericomGroup's website, email services and mobile devices usage, ggroup AgroICT Apps(Andriod platform) This project is also aimed at cultivating palms in the 10hectares(1400palms) of land acquired in Njanung and Mbagang quarters in Bafanji 'Fie' AgroICT Project is currently going on, contact us for more details. Volunteers are welcome...

School Management System

Nowadays espcially in the local communities, schools still use the manual system in registration of student and pupils, fees payment, entering of marks and reports, etc. GericomGroup is offering a centralised School Management System(SMS) to schools in the communities. GericomGroup's School Management System is a school system that will aimed at easing the following processes

  • Registration: Students and Pupils are register and details stored in the SMS database
  • Subjects: subjects are given to students and pupils based on your class and fields of studying
  • Marks Entering After tests or exams, marks are entered into the system, the system does the various calculations to get the averages and ranks of the students/pupils
  • Report Printing Reports are generated automatically based on student/pupil and based on class
  • Auditing made EASIER with SMS, auditing is easier that the manual system espcially in the finance part.
  • And lots MORE, it can do
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G4S Helpdesk Web Application

G4S Helpdesk is a web application that manages and tracks Employees/Clients services requests; so with G4S helpdesk system, G4S's employees and clients can call or login to request for services from the technical department(Administrators), then the Administrator intend loging to assign/dispatch field technicians to responds to those(clients or employees) who sent service requests. G4S Helpdesk has five categories of users:

  • Administrator: manages the application, add other users,print reports, etc
  • Operator: operates the application, assign/dispatch field technicians,etc
  • Field technicians: update the application on what they have done at requested areas
  • Clients: send service requests, see service reqeust history, etc
  • Employees: send service requests, see service reqeust history, etc
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Google Mapping of Ndop Town

With the advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Africa in general and Cameroon in particular, it has proven that the rate of development in terms of ICT is slow and the benefits of ICT are not fully realised in developing countries (site Source: ). From observations on the Google Map, in Cameroon only big cities like Douala and Yaounde are labelled on the map with streets and places. In this regard, town and communities like Ndop Town are left out in the sense that institutions, routes/streets, hospitals, hotels, fuel stations, government offices, businesses, etc are not found on the Google Map thereby making it difficult for visitors and fellow inhabitants to find their way out; thats where Dankie NGOKETUNJIA Project comes in by adding these major places on Google Map so that with a phone, PDA, or laptop/computer connect with Internet servicer you can get locations of these major places. The 'Dankie NGOKETUNJIA' Project is an ongoing project that is focus on providing accessibility in Ndop Town especially those entering Ndop Town for the first time, in other words this project is purposed to google map Ndop Town, that is mapping major institutions, hospitals, government offices, businesses, hotels, etc on the Google Map. With these major places and roads of Ndop Town mapped on Google Map making it easier for Visitors and Inhabitants that it will be possible to have a direct and positive effect on the development of Ndop Town and its communities.

Palm Cultivation in Bafanji-Ndop

GericomGroup is not only involve in ICT development in the communities, they are also involve in some aspect of agriculture especially Palm cultivation for the production of palm oil, kernel oil. This project will employ about 100 inhabitants around Ndop communities, this will serve as a means of reducing unemployment in the Ndop communities At moment, GericomGroup has acquired 10 hectares of land located in Bafanji-Ndop, North West Province, CAMEROON. On this available land we are expected to have 1400 oil palms. GericomGroup has prospects to extend the land, We seek for investors both home and abroad willing to invest.

'PC in every School around Ndop Environs'

As Bill Gates's dream of "A computer in every home" and Steve Jobs's Vision of "putting a computer in every hand" so will "Computer be in every school in communities", that is GericomGroup's Vision. GericomGroup through its ICT projects is working with international and national partners to see its vision come to pass by providing computers in every school in each community.