GericomGroup as one of the leading ICT services provider offers the following services to the Cameroonian and African Markets

IT Outsourcing

GericomGroup offers quality IT outsourcing in the fields of business and system analysis ...

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App, Mobile & Website Development

The world is a Global Village thanks to ICT, in order for individuals, businesses and institutions ...

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Education and Training are important tools for any organsation especially in the ICT sectors ...

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Sales of Computers & Peripherals

In GericomGroup, we dont only deal with Application, Mobile and Website developments; we also ...

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In GericomGroup, the more you print the less you pay. With its industrial laser and Rizograph printers printing at 50ppm and 110ppm respectively.

CSE bricks

Compressed stabilized earth bricks (CSEB) are one of the alternative building materials that are becoming popular due to insufficiency of conventional building materials

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